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08-02-2002, 07:33 AM
its that time of the year for me to head to coolmunda dam again in mid march
has anyone heard any reports on the fishing at the moment
i see by fitzy report that the water levels at about 31%
hope its still fishable

also i was told that last time there was some big cod catches up there the dam was low How low????

any info would be appreciated as getting some info from up there is a no go (all phones must be out after 6pm)


10-02-2002, 08:22 AM
Sunday 3/2/2002. Good size cod (96cm) taken on trolled lure in 5 metres of water just outside the markers near the spillway, yellow belly on Manns 15+ colour yellow and green trolling out from the wall following the drop off from 5m to 8m. Good fishing Shane.(watch the wind the dam has been whipping up with afternoon storms)
The Goodoogetter.