View Full Version : Lockyer Valley Dams empty

19-03-2002, 06:45 AM
The dams in the Lockyer Valley have been declared empty this week.
Atkinsons Lagoon, Lake Dyer & Lake Clarendon have been suffering under the burden of over-allocation of water to district farmers fro way too long.
Now the same farmers scream for assistance.? Do they not realise that we do not have an unlimited supply?

What about the fishing? These lakes have all been stocked with native fish for everyone to enjoy. Thier future at this stage is bleak to say the least.
Minimum water levels should be in place to protect the fish populations. These lakes should also be kept at a high level until the area is drought declared, that way giving the farmers some support during the tough times instead of water being used willy nilly until there is no more.

21-03-2002, 07:04 AM
I guess you have to feel sorry for the farmers hey,
I wonder how low the Aquifers in the valley are. Many years ago when I resided in the valley they were at all time lows (Dams included and the Lockyer creek was a great weed bed with no water flows for years) and the poor farmers continued to pump megalitres of water over there crops during the hottest parts of the day.
Maybe they need a better water management plan for the Valley that prioritises water usage locations.
Nothing a good few seasons of rain would fix, but I guess that would cause flooding, then the farmers would have no soil left as it will have been washed away and filled up all the creeks and rivers (helping to cause the flooding in the first place) futher reducing the amounts of water that can be stored/used as it very quickly flows straight into the bay killing off the sea grass beds.

Sinical.....yes Over simplified.... yes
but their are still elements of truth in what I've said.