View Full Version : Mildura. Fishing any good?

23-03-2002, 07:36 PM
I'm going up to Mildura Easter time. Have I really got any chance of landing a decent fish or am I wasting my time. What bait should I try and do you think 5lb Coarse Agling gear will be adequate enough? Thanks ???

26-03-2002, 05:59 AM
G'day Matty.
Mildura can be great fishing for natives and, of course, there are hoards of carp there.
The native fish tend to hang close to the snags and really know where to go when hooked if you know what I mean - so you might want a little more than 5 lb line if you intend fishing the heavily treed areas.
There are some open areas where you could have some fun with carp and your light course gear, so don't leave it at home.

Hattah national park is also a great spot if you're thinking of bush camping.
Best baits are live shrimp or small yabbies which can be easliy trapped in the shallows using a collapsable bait trap. Worms are best bought as a lot of the ground there is dry and hard.
Remember, you'll need a NSW fishing license if you fish in the Murray river.

Cheers, Slates

26-03-2002, 11:17 AM
Thanks Slates,
What line strength do you reconmend for the snaggy areas?
Also I am only 16 years old so is the NSW age limit different to the Victorian one or do I need to purchase a license?


27-03-2002, 03:33 AM
Not sure about the age thingo there Matty, but here's their website : http://www.fisheries.nsw.gov.au/

If you've fishing hard up against the logs, I'd go minimum 12 lb and a nice tight drag.
There are sand bars on the river at various locations that will still fish ok for your light gear.
Corn kernals are a good bet for the carp if all else fails http://www.ausfish.com.au/chat/images/smilies/cwm1.gif

Good luck!

28-03-2002, 11:36 AM
Thanks alot for your advice, I really appreciate it.

Cheers, Matty