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07-04-2002, 09:26 AM
If only it was the drink took a cartoon of beer and a bottle of rum and returned with 18 cans and better than 3/4 of a bottle of rum. Oh hum save till next time.

Naturally when i returned home i was much better and was able to go to work the next day :'(


07-04-2002, 05:15 PM
After heaps of antisipation i arrived home after night shift, with a small amount of packing to be done (food & drinks). A couple of panodal as i managed to get a bloody headache. A little over 4 /1/2 hours and i was at the kiosk at the dam with my deckie and his mate. Time about 4 pm a chat with Lance and Kristy (managers of the camping area)and we headed for our cabin, unpacked and Lance arrived with a couple of beers which we sorted out :)

To cut a long story short the results are as follows.

Possible fishing time 28 hours.
Hours fished 4 hours
Sick with headache laid up in bed 12 hours
Strandard on shore by deckie 10 hours
Cooking 2 hours.

Fish 6 bass
2 bust off to good fish
2 bust off to snags
1 hook pulled on a good fish (beleive a nice cod) :(

Deckie and mate caught more fish and traded a yellow for a bucket of Red Claw so we dined on them one evening.
Deckie complains about 2 hours later of lips and throat swelling and is hard to breath (allergic reaction to red claw) AHHHHHHHHHH hour + to nearest hospital Just bloody wonderful :( headache at peak level now :(. Deckie survives skipper on death row now :(

Conditions very over cast, scattered showers / rain, wind coming off the antarctica at 100 knots (proberly only 30 knots with stronger gusts) falling barometer :(

Other than that i had a great time and i guess thats fishing not all are perfect trips as we would hope, planning my next trip, it just gotta be better :)

Current dam level 68 %


07-04-2002, 06:09 PM
Great to see you had a normal trip Brian ::) The headache wasn't caused by those drinks you packed ??? ::)