View Full Version : TO GUT OR NOT TO GUT

10-06-2002, 02:32 AM
To gut or not to gut on my last trip up north i faired pretty well with the barra ,and decided to bring three home arond 5kg each the thing was i still had four days of fishing to go and an esky full of ice in which i kept the fish buried in, I bled the fish imediately but did not gut until i got home, some people say i should have gutted straight away some say i did the right thing, whats your view...

p.s as you have guessed i never got poisoned by waiting to gut and they tasted great too.....thanks jas.. http://www.ausfish.com.au/chat/images/smilies/cwm17.gif http://www.ausfish.com.au/chat/images/smilies/cwm35.gif http://www.ausfish.com.au/chat/images/smilies/cwm25.gif http://www.ausfish.com.au/chat/images/smilies/cwm32.gif ::)