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27-06-2002, 06:43 PM
I fish regularly in south east Queensland impoundments for fun.
I have a SIP which allows my wife to fish in these dams on this same permit.
I like to take friends fishing that do not own a boat or do not regularly fish in these dams.
I find it a hassle to have to organise a fishing permit for these friends when they are only likely to use it once.
I know you can get the weekly permit, but I would like to know how the professional guides fish on these dams when they have multiple customers?
Do you these guides have a different type of permit?
Am I able to get a permit which can be used for the 12 month period but gives me multiple partners?

Macca ???

27-06-2002, 07:02 PM
Hi Macca,
I've spoken to most of the freshwater guides in SE Qld & they'd all like to be able to have pay for 4 or 5 SIPs & to cover everyone that comes on a charter. It makes sense.
Unfortunately, QFS won't allow that to happen. It is not upto the guide to enforce or make sure that clients have a SIP, but it is in the best interestes of everyone if we make sure clients do have them.
I advise clients that they'll need one if they wish to fish any of the SIP lakes, then its upto them.
With some new shops etc added to the SIP outlets recently, it will certainly make life easier for folks to get one.
There's a list of these in the latest Bush N Beach Fishing Mag that hit the shelves today.


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