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08-08-2002, 07:55 PM
Just returned from a club meeting and my longest bass for our longest specie list of 52 cm has been thumped by a 62 cm bruiser.

Now thats a BIG BASS heaps of photos taken and as soon as i get a copy I will post up.

It would appear his was not the only one caught that day. A few anglers scored fish to that size and all these fish were hanging together.

Do Bass hold in size similar schools ?

09-08-2002, 11:12 AM
hey there Brian man thats one mother of a bass ireckon some ones got to bepumping growth hormones into them When will they stop growing in that place
they would have to be an original stocking with the good supply of boney s inthere who knows how big they will get

cheers cameron

09-08-2002, 12:23 PM
Hell that is big. I've been the bass catch data collection person for our club since it's inception in 94. The best I've seen and these are wild fish is 542mm fork lenghth. Can't weight to see the photo's so I can show the guys whats possible.

09-08-2002, 04:54 PM
Have to agree one serious fish ......... the down side is I never was the one to catch it :'(

Ho Hum will just have to go back and try harder :)

Good to see you still about cameron have not seen you in a bit, say hi to the the good lady :)


09-08-2002, 09:29 PM
Bugger it!
Has taken me an eternity to catch my first 50.
Right now I hope to Die in my sleep
with dreams of a 60.
Amazing thing maybe a couple of years from now 60's will be commonmplace.
bring it on... ::) ::)

10-08-2002, 06:36 AM
Now that would be something average bass 60 cm.

Bring it on.

10-08-2002, 08:46 AM
that's a real ball-biter alright..... :o

Yonks ago fisheries experimented with triploid trout stockings in Lake Purrumbete. These fish have their gonads removed so they just concentrate on eating.
Lake Purrumbete once held the 'world record' for a 3 year old rainbow trout at 11.3kg!

Looking forward to those pics Brian!

Cheers, Slates

10-08-2002, 11:33 AM
Brian thinks he lucky he's not a trout ........... kinda like to keep me gonads :) :)

Of course not going to ask the missus for her opinion.

Nice trout however


10-08-2002, 01:45 PM
not to brag or anything but the biggest bass ive caught went in at 680mm and a wild fish to boot!!!

that would be heaven 60 cm bass as average size!!!

14-08-2002, 05:17 PM
That's one hell of a fish Brian. Last summer saw a 67 fl bass come out of Big W, caught on a live crayfish, fishing from the bank. Was gutted & gilled when viewed & weighed-in @ over 4kg from memory.

There's some BIG fish out there & only getting bigger!



15-08-2002, 03:42 PM
mate that's a bloody good fish,was it caught on lure,fly ???
come on mate spill the beans ;D

15-08-2002, 07:03 PM
Where does it end?
I remember when a 50 was a dream fish,and it took me a couple of years to get my first.49.5's 48.7's,plenty of them but I could not crack a 50.
This year B.P. has yielded monster bass consistently,even good old Baroon pocket has consistently produced bass over 50 fl, I guess it's exciting to be on the edge of an impoundment species where no-one knows how big they will get.

15-08-2002, 07:24 PM
Hi Flynny,
I don't think we'll get a whole lot bigger bass, certainly not much more than 70s in optimal locations.
I've recently been finding the odd BIG bass at Somerset that is floating half dead. (Also found plenty of floaters with hook marks after C&R comps too) In some I can't find a mark on them that would indicate being hooked & released, so I'm thinking it could be old age. We've been stocking Somerset hard for about 15 years now, I'll have to check their maximum life spans.
Could also be something similar that Sooty Grunter are renown for in protein rich environments, dying of liver disease. A Sooties normal home is flowing rivers, but when put into aquaculture situations they have a tendancy to get too fat and die as a result. I wonder if bass could be having he same problems if they get over weight. This would be almost impossible in a riverine situation where they need to swim against tide/current & compete for limited food. In the food rich environment of most lakes this simply doesn't happen, tucker is readily available for fish.

Either way, I think it can/will be a big reason for bass not getting to barra sizes.

Food for thought,


16-08-2002, 01:40 PM

I too have seen large dead Bass floating on Somerset, north of Kirkleigh before you get to the timber.
Huge fish up to 60 odd cm, if they were not so rotten I would have picked them up for a photo ;D ;D
It was around tournament time (October) last year.


18-08-2002, 08:11 AM

Did not get a great deal of time to drag all the info out but knowing the bloke it would be a lure. Will give him a call and find out which one colour etc etc. Like i want to know as well :) :).