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16-08-2002, 07:24 PM
Tell me Harro just how good is that line of yours? Recently trolling with a mate running the same lures,I was using brandx braid ,he was using yours,old mate was getting about 3 feet more in depth than me,using the same diameter, I've started saving up,it's great.

17-08-2002, 02:35 AM
Hey Flynny,
That's nice to hear,mate. Thanks for bringing it up. When Don McPherson and I got together and decided to produce a better braid we looked at every brand out there, all the good things about GsP lines and the downsides. From all of that we took the positive qualities and added a few of our own. Bionic Braid was the result.
It hasn't stopped there. As finer yarns and newer secret brews have become available, they've been incorporated into the process.

Here's the latest on all of that.


Bionic braid has enjoyed a meteoric rise in popularity. In less than five years it has risen from a gel spun line people thought would frighten fish, to one that internationally renowned anglers regard as simply being the best. No other braided or thermo fused line is so acclaimed across the sportfishing spectrum. Bionic braid is the world’s foremost flyreel backing; the line of choice of baitcaster exponents, including tournament & shootout casting champions, and a line that outcasts and outlasts all others on spin reels. Not bad for an Australian made product. By the way, the trademark Bionic braid hot pink colour - copied by an inferior import trying to muscle in - has unique optical qualities. Anglers easily see it, fish can’t.

To ensure that Bionic Braid maintains its pole niche as the world’s foremost super line, progressive refinements and enhancements have been quietly occurring at the Australian Monofil Company’s Brisbane plant. Bionic braid is now made on new computer controlled braiding units and from the fibre industry’s finest denier gel spun yarn. Those structure and material upgrades result in a line that performs better and last longer.

The new Bionic braid is made from a recently released grade of Micro Dyneema that uses a third less fibres for the same strength. These finer yet fibres dramatically reduce outer surface fluffing – wear and tear that rapidly occurs in thermo fused gel spun lines.
The Australian Monofil Company has been the first fishing line producer to adopt these advanced and more costly fibres. Bionic braid, which has set the benchmark in long lasting lines, lasts even longer.

Bionic Braid is the only braid on the world market to have an engineered 7% built-in stretch. This unique quality results from
a computer controlled braiding programme that rates at 80 picks per 10cms - higher than any competitor. The advantages the concertina effect of this super tight weave provides are increased tensile and knot strengths. From any angling perspective, having a little stretch is far more preferable than none.

Bionic braid has the advantage of being made in Australia. Users include the finest anglers to be found anywhere. Their feedback has been an invaluable element in the capacity of the Australian Monofil Company being able to take up new technologies and react to market forces at a much faster pace than the importers and re-sellers of GsP lines. All part of their commitment to keep this original, unique and Australian product at the specialist lines’ forefront.

It's hard to believe, but the greater depth your mate was getting
comes from having that controlled stretch. You're not the first to pick up on that sort of thing from a side by side comparison.
Another (and related) example of this dynamic is the way you'll achieve a
smoother rod loading when you're rigged with a Knotted Dog leader rather than one from straight mono. This translates into more control (accuracy) and better distance. Super Tank maestro David Hodge - there's no one in this country who's more skilled with a baitcaster - was the first to twig there.

Regards BB pricing, the simple facts are that the fibres used in the making are finer and more expensive that those going into thermo-fused GsP lines. The braiding process is far more time consuming and costly than thermo-fusing.

Berkley have a watertight world patent on the thermo fuse process. There is a heat shrink aspect to their process that allows them to produce lines down at the finer end of the user spectrum that braiders find cost prohibitive. Thermo fused is, at present; the way to go once you're getting down to breaking strains of under 10 pounds. Having said that, in the 12 to 50 pound range thermo fused GsP lines neither wear as long or cast&handle anywhere near as good as a true braid.

17-08-2002, 06:30 AM
Hi Harro,
At Springwood Marine the other day, we picked brands of a similar diameter & gave them the old "back of the knife" test where we put the line under tention & rubber the knife like hell up & down it. (not exactly scientific but a good test none the less). The fused lines soon fluffed up, heated up & broke while the braided lines lasted much longer.
The 2 outstanding performers were the Bionic Braid & the Penn Power Braid.

Well done to you & Don on a top product.



17-08-2002, 06:09 PM
BB is also great when you get a backlash, just doesnt seem to get as "messed up" as Fireline and Spiderwire. I get birdsnests wegetailes would be impressed with, BB just pulls away with a lil pressure on the spool, never had to get the siscors out with it . A must for Trolling multiple lures as well , Grey and Green lines(no matter how bright) just cant be kept track of....... Do yourself the favor,,,,,,,, Matt Quinn

26-08-2002, 04:44 PM
Hi Harro
Sorry to take so long to get back,but as I said I was alittle gobsmacked by the comparison.
For the record we were both using Merlins,I was using Berklee Whiplash
4lb diameter,Darren was using yours
I was just scraping at 16 ft he was bouncing at 19
Cheers Flynny