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12-09-2002, 01:14 PM
Hi all,

While on a recent fishing trip on Lake Oahe, South Dakota in the US, I came across this rig that is used for trolling lures in deep water.

Attach your line to the loop on the left hand side. To the top swivel attach a leader and lure. I used a 3 metre leader and a spinnerbait for a lure. It trolls at an angle of about 45 degrees and the weighted bottom wire allows it to bounce along the bottom.

On the troll the rig was bouncing over a very rugged bottom (rock bars and old tree stumps) in over 20 metres of water and never once snagged.

I very briefly tried this out in Hinze Dam last week and although I never caught any fish, once again it proved virtually snag proof and presented the lure along the bottom in very deep water.

I think this rig is ideal for winter fishing in the dams. What do you think???

On a more personal note, some of you out there may know of Mike McClelland from the US. He is pro sports fisherman and is the guru (American Sporting Hall of Fame) in the US for Walleye fishing. You may also have seen his mugshot on some lures that come out of the US.

Anyway, Mike recently had a heart attack however he is recovering well and should be back catching Walleye again shortly. If anyone knows Mike personally and would like to send him an email, contact me and I will forward his contact details.

Kind regards... David