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02-09-2002, 05:49 PM
G'day All,
Just finished reading the report on Lake Awoonga in the latest edition of Bush and Beach on Friday night and thought why not, lets go.
Up at 6, packed a bag and hooked up the Hornet and headed off.
About a 4 hour drive, rang up on the way to book a cabin, no luck, booked out, (they only have two cabins there). ???
I think it was someone from Ausfish got the last one I was waiting for ;)
Never mind, rolled up to check it out, just in case, and find out where I might be able to stay.
Asked about their add in the mag, which suggested they had a bunkhouse.
Oh yes as a matter of fact we do. ???
Well, how much would that be then?
$21 a night I was told.
So what is in these bunkhouses? (2 of as well).
Well they are self contained with 2 Double bunks, cuttlery, their own toilet and shower, kettle, toaster, a nice veranda and a brand new bar-b-que. Oh and of course they are air conditioned.
But you have to supply your own linen.
Can you supply linen I asked?
Well yes but it is $6 a night.
So I can have all this for the exorbetant price of $27/night + $5 deposit on the key.
Well yes.
Done. ;D
And after a bit of advice on the principles of air-conditioning from Merv, I was set.
In the words of the great man himself these are absolutely magnificent.
I went down pretty unprepared so grabbed some lunch at the kiosk, but just remember it is only open from 10am-2pm. A great facility but greatly underused.
Time to think about fishing, so I need some fuel for the Hornet.
Sorry, we hire boats but we don't sell fuel.
OK then, Drive back out to the H'way 8k's turn right, 3k's to Benaraby to fuel up.
Remember this for the Lake Awoonga Family Fishing Festival, (Sep 27-29).
The Lake itself and the surrounds are just beautiful.
There is not a lot of standing timber in the water like Teemburra or Peter Faust, and take a lot of caution around the middle where it gets quite shallow.
The Ranger is a top bloke who can not do enough to help you.
Permits are free and help control the number of people in fishing zones and give a bit of feedback.
Sadly to report no fish, water temp around 21 degrees. Plenty of activity on the surface and lots of fishy looking spots but no hookups.
Like any camp ground you always meet some great people and here is no exception, all friendly with the same will to share stories and ideas.
And the old blokes love looking at a shiny new boat. If only I could find something that attracted girls like that!!! ;).
I know for sure I will be back again, a bit better prepared, booking one of those bunkhouses when the water is a bit warmer.

04-09-2002, 02:03 AM
You wouldn't happen to have the phone number for Merv at Lake Awoonga? I am planning on going there in the near future and that looks like the place to stay.
Kind regards... David

04-09-2002, 05:37 AM
Hey there,
You sound like you were just a tad pissed off with the management of the place there, or just Merv?
I love the post you made..... is a beaut, you should write for bush n beach or SE QLD Fishing Magazine.
It is a great fishing spot up there aint it............. shame they do not sell fuel.
I had a trip like that down at Moogerah, had to drive back to town to get first ice, then fuel. Was a pain in the arse and then to top it all off, got no fish.
Oh well, shit happens I guess.

keep on fishing

04-09-2002, 03:29 PM
Hi Guys,

David, the number is 4975 0155.

Just remember when you ring to ask lots of questions, and ring early as there are only 2 cabins and 2 bunkhouses.
Take everything you need and you won't be disappointed.
It really was like getting blood out of a stone.

Dazparra, Don't get me wrong it is a great place to stay and yes I was a little P O. Mainly because I drove for nearly five hours to get there, got two phone calls along the way that told me there was nothing available, then to roll up and find not one but two bunkhouses spare.
Merv's allright, it's just really frustrating to see a place with so much potential being underutilised.
I could have easily spent another $100 plus dollars on food, fuel, beer etc, but unfortunately this business went to the locals down the road.
They must be making too much already.

Thanks for the kind words about my post, I would love to write an article for a mag one day.
I might even rewrite the post and send it on.

There was a car and boat there with Ausfish all over it, so maybe we will get some feedback from them soon.
Wish I had of gone and met them, but I am a bit on the shy side.

If you need anymore info just ask as I am more than willing to promote this great little spot.


10-09-2002, 01:36 AM
Hi Stu

What was the boat ramp like?, i might go up for a few days when i have holidays in november.


10-09-2002, 04:19 AM

Thanks for the information. I did have a fairly similar conversation as you did however I eventually managed to book a bunkhouse for three days in early October. From there I am driving further up north to spend three more days at Peter Faust Dam.

I look forward to getting wrapped around a few logs.

Regards... David

13-09-2002, 07:34 AM
They also have houseboat hire up there as well which I would consider if fishing with a group. #The phone number is 07 4972 2657. #I've been speaking to the ranger Gary Wode who is an absolutely top bloke. #The fishing has been fair of late but should be picking up soon.
The Gladstone Area Water Board have a number of brochures available on Awoonga - contact them on info@gawb.qld.gov.au or visit the website at www.gawb.qld.gov.au
Phone: #07 4976 3000

14-09-2002, 02:42 AM
Hi all . I did visit #Lake Awonga last July with great hope of catching some Barra . LoL.after a late start in the afternoon like 3 P.M. We arrived at Gin Gin #about 6 P M when the alternater pack it in so we spent the night in our Camper van in the middel of town and lissen to Transport Truck going by . Oh wonderfull . Only to find out next morning two Klm further on was a Quite rest area .
Then $80.00 lighter in my pocket Alternater fix ,On we went .
Only to get the biggest !disapointment when we did arrive at Lake Awonga at the Steepness of the ramp and the distance from the water to the car & trailer park .
( I will add That I do have a problem with both my legs with Arthritis .)
So I havent been fish at Lake Awonga
And as they were rasing the wall hight then and so much construction going on. The ramp is a very good concret ramp but be warmed it is so Steep and a longway to the car and trailer park!!
Happy Days

14-09-2002, 07:10 AM
i rarley take my boat out to awonga. if you notice most people fishing from the shore cast out as far as possible. while most people in boats try to nose in as close to the bank as possible. i usally just walk the bank casting at lillypads and weedbeds.. there are some good fishing spots accesable only by boat. but i usually pick up fish from the bank. if your fit enough to spend the whole day bush walking then do it. just take a sh*t load a water cause it gets bloody hot up here.

17-09-2002, 01:53 AM
G'day All,

Brad, Even with the water at 38% I found the ramp good, the trailer and car were off the end but still no problems.

There is another ramp around further towards the ski area and it does look very steep but I would still use the one near the wreck area.

Leeann is spot on, the rangers are tops and can't do enough to help.
Maybe they should let them run the caravan park as well.

The latest Modern Fishing just happens to have an article on Lake Awoonga and the summary confirms everything that has been said.

Still a great place and I be will back after I get back from two weeks at Hinchenbrook at the end of October.


20-09-2002, 01:00 PM
Hi Stu,

i got back from 3 days at Awoonga yesterday. Stayed in the cabins and they were great for the 4 of us. Clean and well set up.

The fishing wasn't real flash due to the wind....very very windy every day we were there. We did manage one fish between the 4 of us, so that is better than nuttin... :)

It is a great spot and well worth a visit. My suggestion is to try it about mid October. The water temp was still between 21 and 23 deg, but the wind cooled it down pretty quickly.

The rangers, especially Gary Wode were very helpful and couldn't do enough to point us towards the fish. Unfortunately conditions were less than perfect for the barra.... :-[

Might go back again next year though....it's a bloody long drive from the Central Coast of NSW!