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08-10-2002, 03:34 AM
Hi Guys,

Went up to Somerset on Saturday for the first time. Now I have read on the boards and posted questions regarding the boating permit before, but this is what happened on Saturday.

We arrived at Kirkleigh at 9.00am, the gate was up and the little office closed, so proceeded to drive a round the camp ground a bit but could not see any rangers. So as not to waste anymore time I launched the boat and we set off from the ramp, as we were clearing the line of bouys out from the shore ( the ones the bloody skiers use as a center marker for their circuit, I thought it was to keep them clear of the ramp area >:( >:() and probably 200mts from the ramp I saw the ranger drive down to the ramp area. Now I was in two minds as to turn back and see him as I didnt want to avoid paying the $15 :o for the day, but the thought of doging the skiers put me off and decided to look him up on our return after lunch.

Well after a reasonable day, we got 3 goldens 42-45cms but no bass we were headed back to the ramp at around 3.30pm. On the way back and about 2km from Kirkleigh I saw a arm waving at us from the middle of the dam, we changed course to see what was going on and it turned out to be a middle aged woman who had capsized her jet ski ::) she was exhausted and was drifting in the direction of the opposite shore and unable to right her craft, we offered her a tow back to their camp just on the southern side of Kirkleigh. Now towing a jetski upside down is like towing a giant deep diver so the speed was reduced to trolling speed, hence we didnt get back to the ramp until around 5pm and again no ranger insight.

My main question is this, how does the ranger know who has a permit and who doesnt, is it some thing placed on the car window or trailer (I didnt see any indications on other cars at the ramp ) and will I be penalised through the mail.

We really liked the dam and intend to return often as it is only just over an hour from home so where do we source a yearly permit from as I would like to know that I am paying my way and not breaking any rules ::) :o plus avoid the hassels of arriving early and leaving late not being able to find the ranger.

BTW: We have a SIP.

Regards Glen

08-10-2002, 05:59 AM
HI Glen,
They give you a sticker for your boat + one for your trailer. The rangers, Jerry & Rohan, usually have a good idea who has & hasn't got a boating permit.
If you don't have the sticker on the trailer, they usually leave a note on your windscreen as a reminder. They drive around in a 4x4 with lights on top & on the water they have an old white cat with twin 70s on it, Jerry sometimes scoots around on a jetski as well.
There is a manned ranger station just below the main wall at Somerset township, you can get a boating permit there. Alternatively you can get them from the Wivenhoe info centre.



09-10-2002, 04:26 PM
So Fitzy, can I expect a expensive letter in the mail? ???

Are the visitors center or Ranger station operated on weekends or other than business hours? Do you have a contact number for them and I will give them a ring and see what I can organise.

If I dont get one soon I'll start to feel like a criminal on the run ;D ;D ::) ::)
and afraid to show my face around there ;D ;D


09-10-2002, 06:07 PM
Can you get boating permits from Australia Post Offices or is that just fishing permits?


09-10-2002, 07:04 PM
I doubt you'll get anything in the mail. They only ever give a note on your windscreen.

You can only get the boating permit from the SEQWCorp rangers. Your SIP (fishing permit) can be obtained at any Qld office of Australia Post & selected locations around participating lakes.

If you are going to Somerset this weekend to fish the Clark Kirkleagh Klassic this weekend, entrants wont need the SEQWCorp boating or camping permits, as the stocking group lease the entire campground for the comp. You will still need your SIP.

Hope to see you up there.