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09-10-2002, 07:27 PM
Clark Kirkleagh Klassic Family Fishing Competition

Over the course of the last dozen years the Kirkleagh Klassic Family Fishing Competition has become one of the most popular freshwater fishing competitions in Australia.
With upto $20 000 in cash and prizes up for grabs and the chance to fish on one of Qlds premier freshwater impoundments it is little wonder that competitors come back year after year.
The large camping area at Kirkleagh has great facilities for camping with several amenities blocks that have hot showers and clean toilets.
Electric Bar B Qs under shelter, fish cleaning table, firewood and drinking water are all provided for competitors.
Launching a boat at Kirkleagh is a breeze with 4 lanes of boat ramp currently open in two locations and there are many places where campers can set up on the edge of the lake and pull their boat virtually right into their camp.
Competitors in the Kirkleagh Klassic wont need to purchase the normally required SEQWC camping or boating permits that usually apply as the competition organizers have leased the entire Kirkleagh campgrounds for the duration of the event. This means that entrants wont need the usual boating or camping permits, making for a cheeper than normal weekend away with the added bonus of a competition.
The major prize of a Clark 4 m boat, Redco Trailer and Yamaha 25 HP motor will be given away for a lucky competitor.

There are several different divisions that competitors can choose.
The main competition is based on a secret weight system so that those that catch the biggest fish are not necessarily the winners.
The categories that are available are bass, golden perch, silver perch and dewfish or tandans (eel tailed catfish) in senior and one overall junior division, all on a secret weight basis.
This way the biggest or most fish arent necessarily the winners.
There are no divisions for saratoga or Mary River cod, as the stocking group would prefer these fish to be left alone to breed and build up numbers.

The Kirkleagh Klassic is also attractive to sports mined anglers.
There is a catch & release section where extra incentive prizes are on offer for anglers that choose to release their fish.
There will be a special catch and release only tent situated on the lake edge so that anglers can bring in their catch for weighting without leaving their boats. #
This concept has been getting more popular every year as the catch and release ethic gains more interest.

The last few years has seen the return of a band playing for competitors on the Saturday night, this will continue again this year.
A new feature at this years Clark Kirkleagh Klassic will be a 5:00 am pre-competition briefing for competitors with a prize drawn at that time for those attending.
All competitors need to attend.
All competitors who arrive later or who like a sleep-in should report to the main weigh-in tent before fishing.
The Clark Kirkleagh Klassic Family Fishing Competition will be on October 12 and 13 at Lake Somerset.
Entry fees are adults $40 and juniors $5.
Hot food & cold drinks can be purchased for breakfast, lunch & dinner for those that don't want to do the cooking themselves.
As in previous years, all monies raised will go directly towards fish stocking initiatives in lakes Somerset and Wivenhoe.
The 2001 Klassic raised enough funds to purchase over 100 000 fingerlings for lakes Somerset and Wivenhoe.
With the lake level currently around the 50% mark, there is plenty of water there for fish and boats alike.

Hope to see you there.

Somerset and Wivenhoe Fish Stocking Assn. (SWFSA)

For online entry froms visit our website at
http://www.ausfish.com.au/fitzy/swfsa/" target="_blank">http://www.ausfish.com.au/fitzy/swfsa/