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17-10-2002, 07:31 AM
Hi everyone.
Does anyone out there know of any good spots around Penrith to Windsor for a good fish. Do not have a boat so it will be a drive and walk to any spot.

17-10-2002, 10:25 AM
gday clarkie
i used to fish around penrith alot and these are the spots i used to fish. 1 glenbrook creek junction with nepean river. look at a street directory for the doad that goes the closest to the nepean river on the mountains side that goes the closest to glenbrook creek there is a walking track from here to the river. fishing the bank alog this stretch of river ws very productive for me and a mate for 3 years when we got the plce wired we averaged about 15 bass each using taylor made surface breakers in the small size but spinnerbaits also worked well. in the creek tilsans and deceptions were the better producers of fish resultiong in numerous bass a trout and some small macquarie perch we also fished the penrith weir near the rowing club...we'd walk around 500 meters downstream to fish in the bigger and deeper pools. above and below the weir we fished with worms and bread to land many large bass and carp with a few mullet mixed in. i also used to catch a few catfish and carp in the ponds to the left of the dirt track on the other side of the weir. the better spots to fish for the bass are around the bridges (all of them) especially with taylor made surface lures and spinnerbaits. another spot worth trying if you can get there is the colo river but the better areas are well up the river up near bob turners track about 300 meters past the colo heights servo there is the turn off to the left follow this down till you get to the start of the walking track. from the bottom of the track it is best to walk downstream till you get to a reasonable creek on the opposite side camp her and fish the junction and a few pools either side with divers and spinnerbaits with slow worked surface lures at night but only after dark.
another creek that is worth trying is south creek around st marys-stoney creek rd on the up stream side fishing with any style of lure produced but my favourites are the mc graths euro deception rainbow trout and the nils master 8cm invincible. this is where i landed my biggest ever bass which was over the misticle mark of 70 cm!!!
ps hope this helps.

19-10-2002, 06:16 AM
Thanks Phil,
Will try these spots out .

22-11-2002, 03:22 PM
Have you tried the weir? (or is it wier?)

Anyway, from memory you drive down the road following the river and past the rowing club (where my Nephew *use* to row (slack bugger!) The road ends and there you can wade across it. I hear that people fish for the bass upstream and then release it downsteam to spawn.

Hope this helps


PS correct me if im wrong (about everything except my nephew!)

25-11-2002, 07:58 AM
:)well you must admitt penrith council are the put up gates pros i found an access point to the nepean 2 weeks later another gate .
so the kyak has been put away before the fishing even started cause theres no river access for 26 km and i dont wanna fish amongst water skiers well done penrith council youve done irt again .The only natural freshwater system left in the sydney basin that doesnt have green three eyed fish and ya cant get anywhere near it without driving miles away