View Full Version : 3000 Dead fish in Thompson

08-12-2002, 05:16 PM
Some disturbing news from the West.
The Longraeach Leader reported last Friday (plus a graphic picture) that 3000 fish (mainly yellowbelly and some very large specimens) died in the waterhole above the Fairmont Weir on the Thompson River - 15kn north west of Longreach. This is the top weir in the river and this was a direct result of the drought. The fish died from asphyxiation due to small volumn of water remaining in that hole.
This gives an indication of the no. of fish that we have in the western river systems.
The lower weirs in the Thompson at Longreach still hold water and presumably equiv. nos of fish.
We need rain out there soon to get a flow in the rivers and regenerate the fish populations.
Bring on the rains.