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04-01-2002, 07:37 AM
I know some people like to tie line directly to lures but what types of different snaps do people use. Some of them can take longer to muck around with than tying a knot especially the smaller ones.
Cheers Luke

04-01-2002, 09:05 AM
I'm a firm believer in clips.

From the many times I fished two seperate rigs from the same boat while lure casting and trolling (even livebaiting) for barra, it has made no difference.

Some times the clips out fish the no clips and vice versa. My thoughts are its the angler working the lure that really get the hits, the lure is mearly the icing on the cake. Sure the fish are in a one lure type mood every now and then but generally a hungry fish will eat what fits in its mouth.

People reckon clips are seen by fish, I say so what. If the fish has seen the clip then its looking at the lure aint it. Sure some times with the toothies no silver on any terminal tackle is required to limit bite off but thats one application not a general thing.

One advantage that clips give me as an angler is the freedom to change lures quickly and reduce leader changes. This means my lure spends more time in the water and thus more chance of a hook up... and less stress means longer sessions etc the easier we make it the better it gets is how I like to think.

I use a clip called a speedy clip? they are what hangs off the end of a notted dog. The small ones are a bit of a muck about but once you get used to useing them they are good. The slightly bigger ones are better again. The normal snap lock ones are okay mate, lets face it we dont allways hook mosters and that so to dont limit your self. I use what ever clip is there so long as its heavy duty.


04-01-2002, 10:32 AM
Thanks Muzzy,
thats what I needed to know.

06-01-2002, 11:27 PM
Here's a snap I use exclusively, they're called a McMahon snap, and they've never failed me, so I can recommend with confidence.

Heres a picture, just scroll down the screen.


Any chance I can get an eyeball on a picture of the speedy clip that Muzzy was talking about.

Lure clips or snaps are an indispensable part of my fishing. Aside from quick lure changes, I usually have a few other rigs at the ready for a quick change to suit the conditions.

These vary of course, but I have a standard prospector for set for slabs, one for livies, and of course a couple of gangs for pillies. The line end is tied off with a swivel, and the lure clips through the swivel eye.

If I'm fishing light leader, then I use a ring.

Beats rustling around in the tackle box when they're on the bite.


07-01-2002, 04:27 AM
Thanks Reelcrazy,
they look good mate. Does anyone ditch the swivel and tie directly to the clip? Muzzy what brand are these speedy clips?
Cheers Luke

07-01-2002, 08:04 AM
Luke will get some more of the clips I use and drop a few off when I get up there with sinker mould....


07-01-2002, 12:25 PM
Thanks Reddog seeya up here :)

07-01-2002, 03:23 PM
On that web site above there are two clips the first ones are great for bigger lures and are the strongest I have used I have had other types open up on me as well as they are rounded at the end so it would seem that the lure could move more freely. They is another type which I use on softies and small lures as the others do not fit through the tow point they are like the second ones the cross lock snaps but are rounded at both ends almost look like a figure 8.

08-01-2002, 07:17 AM
hey luke, these are the clips I use

# # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # reddog


08-01-2002, 09:16 AM
sounds like you two are talking about the same clips. I haven't used them but they look the goods. Thanks fellas

08-01-2002, 12:07 PM
Totally different Luke, mine don't have swivels nor do they come with em..... See you during the week ;D ;D


08-01-2002, 03:19 PM
mine don't have swivels either and they dont come with them it seems to make them to heavy

09-01-2002, 03:09 PM
The snaps that are used on the Harro's knotted dog leaders are very similar to Berley cross-lok snaps, and i've found the design to be very reliable as compared to some other snap designs..
I've got one knotted dog here thats seen three barra at around 35 -40 lb each and the snap has held fine and it will probably take quite a few more big fish before it gets retired.

Cheers Poony ;)

10-01-2002, 04:08 AM
Thanks Steve,
with the bigger clips it's no worries but it's a lot of the smaller ones I have that can cause problems getting fingers around them to open them to swap lures. I can do it but sometimes takes more time than I would like and I always use the smallest one I can find which doesn't help. I'll have a look at those Berley cross locks.
Cheers Luke