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22-02-2002, 05:00 PM
today i decided to buy something different in the lure range.

so i bought a Strike-Me-Lure. i think a more suitable name for this would have been. Send-Me-To-The-Grave-Lure.

i'm not sure if you've tried them. man was it good. it has about a size 1 hook on it fluro pink head and a glittery green and silver tail..

it went off. talk about catch fish. it's not much. but i caught the same toadfish twice. in the middle of the creek. about 10" long. a lil bait fish out 2" long. almost smaller than the lure itself and a tiny flathead about 7" long. it was great fun.

Seams like all the best lures are made right here in my "back yard"... Yeppoon.

This too was locally made and only set me back $5.10
i caught 4 fish on it within 1 hour. they might have been small, but it still shows how good a well working lure can be.

The only downsides i can put towards this lure is that the paint over the jig head is pealing and i've lost some of the tail. but i still managed to catch fish... can't wait till some bigger fish visit teh creek....
here's a pic. sorry about the resolution.

23-02-2002, 08:55 AM

Do they make larger sizes???? Maybe something for a bit of deep water stuff.


23-02-2002, 02:32 PM
i'm preety sure u can, maybe in other brands. these though are recommended to go down to 10+foot.

they are mainly specified for tarpon, doggie mackeral, mak tuna, bonito and flathead.(the size i've shown)

i'll have a look see when i go into the store next.

but seeing these are privately made this could be the only range so far.

15-04-2002, 11:51 PM
Suddenly the news about lead head jigs has filtered through. They are the most versatile lures invented. You can spin them at high speed, jig them at low speed, deep drop them troll them and everything up to and including 150lb bluefins eat 'em.. I know about that, I had one eat a Lead head.
Best colour white, best weight, whatever you can throw. I suggest you try to get a mould from somewhere and a few hundred jig hooks and mould your own. You can tie bucktail on them, or white plastic or flashabou in silver whatever. Should cost about 2.50 each to make. The liitle ones are great on herrings, tommy ruffs, small tailor and 1.5 ounce onunce ones are tailor munch time. Pull 'em fast for tailor and tuna. I got a mould from Herters in 1969 and it is still producing lead head jigs. Fantastic. Max

16-04-2002, 06:48 AM
Yep Max I have to agree and it is great to see jigs, jig flies and flex jig lures getting the coverage they deserve.

Depending on your age, jigs and all their hybrids cycle around just like those dart jig heads in the image above, along with a myriad of other styles that have lived right in your own state of Qld for some years now.

These include any number of baitfish profile jigs, casting jigs with fish scale bodies, trolling jigs with flex bodies that can be scented and have internal double hook rigs, right down to the humble yak hair jig that lasts longer than your average bucktail. Lumo jigs, lumo hooks, high speed lures and on the list goes.

Trolling garfish and slimey mackerel jig-lures? Yep they exist too along with jigs up to 48 oz's for deep running tuna, circle hooks, 3" spinner blades and more.

Those same big heads are used for slim line down rigger weights in either fresh or salt..All made in Qld..