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  1. Qld Government Crocodile Conservation Plan
  2. Taiwanese fishing boat - artificial reef?
  3. Question Mark over N.T. fishing access - 7.30 Report
  4. $10,000 fine in Caboolture Court
  5. Propaganda regarding Commercial Fisheries
  6. MBAA Survey at T & T Show
  7. Any more word on the closure of Hook Point?
  8. NO TFPQ stand at Tinny & Tackle Show
  9. Brisbane to Gladstone race details
  10. MBAA Stand at Tinnie & Tackle Show a Huge Success!!
  11. MBAA Angler Survey at Brisbane to Gladstone starting line!
  12. Cast netting
  13. MBAA Media Release Re Tinnie & Tackle Show
  14. Better stop fishing on Mars! Global Warming now affecting the Red Planet
  15. New Marina Development
  16. North stradbroke Island Borefeild and Pipline
  17. Pro's accuse rec fishers of flooding the black market
  18. Qld Crocodile Plan Submissions Due
  19. The Great Green Debate: urban myths, risks and alternative opinions
  20. meeting on thursday night regarding bay closures
  21. Exclusion Zones
  22. Pink Flyfishers clinic
  23. re.vhf radio licences
  24. Moreton Bay phone number
  25. Crocodile Submissions - Results
  26. More protected GBR areas?
  27. Anyone heard about QLD fishing licenses???
  28. More evidence that Climate Change is a load of.....
  29. with the threat of rising sea levels
  30. Imminent Closure of Hook Point
  31. Ships off the coast destroying our underwater habitat!
  32. foreign fish
  33. News of the Dams take over
  34. Recreational Fishing Havens
  35. Story on Japanese Fishing on ABC
  36. Pew Charitable Trust and Fishing
  37. Overwheling responce to fishing assistance programmes
  38. Push for fishing ban in Moreton Bay
  39. green zones
  40. Guess What Fisherman Get The Blame Again
  41. What action for the bay
  42. New Artificial Reefs
  43. Beach Closures - Moreton Island
  44. Bill to reduce Power of GBRMPA before Senate
  45. WPSQ Recommendations for the Moreton Bay Marine Park Reveiw
  46. Is The TFPQ ???
  47. Crown drops its appeal against two not-guilty Cairns fisherman
  48. Conservationists call for strong protection for Moreton Bay
  49. Moreton Bay Greenzone Alternative
  50. Beach Ban for 4WDsStraddie A no go zone at high tide
  51. Wasted Resource
  52. Fishing / Boating Seminar Night - July 3
  53. Moreton Bay's health and productivity will decline unless protected
  54. Where are our representatives?
  55. Wasted Breeders
  56. EPA calling for volunteer divers
  57. TFPQ seek new identity - did you know?
  58. trying to undersatand
  59. Australian Fishing and Lifestyle Party (AFLP) - Application For Registration
  60. North Straddie beach closures
  61. Global Warming provides Coldest july day in 20 years??
  62. The first casualty!
  63. The Great Great Barrier Reef Swindle
  64. Bli Bli Barra Park????
  65. Statistics needed
  66. Courier Mail: Watermelon Paper's report on Climate Change
  67. NSW DPI New fishing bag and size limits announced
  68. Would you support a fishing tax?
  69. MBAA Update on the Moreton Bay Marine Park Review
  70. 50 million for water lovers
  71. moreton green zones
  72. Tfpq Agm
  73. re; morteon bay closures, letter from QGFA to lindy Nelson-carr
  74. Rattlesnake Island Excercise
  75. New Parallel Runway
  76. Green Grab for Moreton Bay Exposed
  77. Meeting on Moreton Bay closures on Sunday 19.08.07 10.30am at Moreton Bay Boat Club
  78. Shane Boese Declares His Intent .............
  79. 10% of Moreton Bay to be zoned.
  80. Redcliffe Jetty saved??
  81. Hansard today: Moreton bay closure maps are FAKE and "certain" groups are lying!
  82. Horan sets record straight on Bay closures... with a little help from AFLP friends
  83. What would you want your politician to fix?
  84. Top Spot Bags A Reprieve- Courier Mail
  85. REACREATIONAL fishermen could have their tackle taxed
  86. Tax on Tackle
  87. Sea Scallops Grown On Land .......... Interesting
  88. maybe a reason behind taking all the water off councils??
  89. PETA,,,,,, honestly what next,,,you'll be surprised
  90. Moreton Bay Marine Park Zoning Plan feedback
  91. FISHING industry groups are threatening blockades and boat rallies
  92. Are we with or against
  93. The Honourable Lindy Nelson-Carr Sets The Record Straight
  94. ausfisher on the news
  95. MPís, experts say Moreton Bay rezoning is environmentalism gone mad
  96. Dam levels essay
  97. The Australian Fishing And Lifestyle Party (AFLP) Website Up An Running
  98. Letter to the Minister The Honourable Ms Lindy Nelson-Carr
  99. New AFLP members??
  100. meeting Wenesday 5th September 2007
  101. So who's with me at AFLP?
  102. Time to get your fingers out and start writng.
  103. Australian Fishing and Lifestyle Party - Now Registered
  104. Hayes Inlet
  105. alcohol boating marine qld russell smith
  106. moreton bay accident
  107. Boswell fears impact on boating industry from Moreton Bay green closures
  108. Fish ID program ( News )
  109. Epa Fraud !!!!!
  110. post industrial revolution AFLP contact details
  111. EPA Radio AD
  112. Have your say
  113. How To Win A Losing Battle?
  114. moreton bay green zones
  115. Why The AEC Registered The Australian Fishing and Lifestyle Party
  116. The Fishing Party Mounts Challenge Against AFLP Registration
  117. Million dollar recreational fishing boost for Queensland
  118. Toxic waste leaks into Caboolture River
  119. AFLP AGM, this saturday??
  120. A response to the Moreton Bay review
  121. Maybe Another Angle To Explore-Flaws In Their Research???
  122. Changing of the guard
  123. Free Lure, Casting Around the Internet with Recfishwest
  124. Fishers warned of coral reef fin fish restrictions
  125. Andrew McNamara Is The New Minister For The Environment
  126. Trawler Damage visible from Space Satellite
  127. TFP Cleans It's Website Of TFPQ
  128. WWF wants Coral Sea protected
  129. Brisbanes Airport Gets $ 1B Runway
  130. Criminal conviction issue
  131. Dave Donald Hits The Road
  132. AFLP New look and new logo
  133. Two Faced EPA
  134. artical in courier mail... re review of moreton bay.
  135. Using 'names' to help our cause
  136. The Fishing Party Gets Re-Registered - Shane Boese Qld Spokesman
  137. AEC Party Registration decision for The Fishing Party
  138. Rezoning: University of Queensland appeals for less scaremongering about Bay
  139. Moreton Bay Marine Park re-zoning: MBAA Full steam ahead!
  140. Kevin Collins (AFLP) Speaks on Oceans In Peril Report
  141. AFLP Declares Senate Candidates for Queensland
  142. Off-coast fishing banned in Perth
  143. New Speed Limits For Fraser Island Beaches
  144. The Principles and Strategies to underpin the development of Recreational Fishing
  145. Marine Parks Sunk: Shonky Science & Rubbery Data
  146. Bateman's Bay Marine Zones
  147. The Haines Group and BRP support Australian government in fight against air pollution
  148. Ref fishermen scarier than golfers?
  149. 20-40% of the Bay?
  150. Green group gathers forces
  151. THE fishing vote is set
  152. ABC online forum
  153. A chance to be a part of it
  154. Booth Workers...the Big Issue
  155. Mayor's Moreton Bay bridge proposal prompts debate
  156. Australiaís national parks, conservation reserves and marine protected areas
  157. Fishing Convictions - soon overturned?
  158. MBAA public talk
  159. The election has been called
  160. Queensland anglers hooked on vital monitoring
  161. Free AFLP Bumper Sticker
  162. Enrol Now
  163. vanishing tiger prawns
  164. Vote "Australian Fishing And Lifestyle Party" for The Senate
  165. Media Release - Grey nurse shark case result sensible
  166. Your Call To Action ~ AFLP
  167. Premiers Husband Head Of New Department
  168. Study into cutting small engine pollution
  169. Coochin Fire.
  170. Boating Fatal in Sydney
  171. AFLP joins You Tube
  172. green hacker
  173. Pamphlets arrived today
  174. Who to vote for (for rec. fishing)???
  175. AFLP Booth Worker Major Prize
  176. Moreton Bay lies
  177. Article in Townsville Bulletin today - ?BS
  178. Charity Fishing Seminar
  179. Fisherman missing off Maaroom.
  180. TFP Puts up Senate Candidates For Queensland
  181. Federal Election
  182. East Coast Barra Season Officially Closed
  183. Whats The Go With AFLP and The Shooters Party (ASP)
  184. Who Is Telling The Most Lies - And Who Is Going To Get Caught Out First
  185. AFLP on Sunday this morning.
  186. AFLP preference announcement: Little fish make a big difference
  187. The Fishing Party supports CSIRO Research Centre in Cleveland
  188. $15 Million For Recreational Fishing
  189. The Fishing Party (NSW) a good chance of winning in the senate
  190. Oil hits $100 a barrel
  191. AFLP Reply to Federal Fishing Grants
  192. AFLP Press release; QLD Govt survey smells FISHY
  193. Senate vote
  194. Stamp Duty Increase - 50% to 100%?????
  195. Fishing - The next generation!
  196. cost of emission schemes for each major party?
  197. Green Watch
  198. Showdown over marine parks
  199. New AMCS Website - Moreton Bay
  200. Coalition Fishing Policy
  201. Hey Mods, Where'd it go?
  202. Liberals on fishing
  203. Att. AFLP Booth workers in Cairns
  204. Log floating off Sth Passage Bar
  205. Which is which? -Again
  206. Campbell's Pro Tackle ----> BCF?
  207. Bay reef alternatives
  208. Moreton Bay Marine Park ~ Whats Going On
  209. I am in shock look at this!
  210. Fishing Party Preferences
  211. Diving Groups join AMCS in a bid to close the bay
  212. AFLP How to Vote Card
  213. Todays news
  214. Bribie Boothworkers- Longman
  215. Federal Labor's Plan For Sustainable Fisheries
  216. Fishermen first casualties of Labor/Greens deal
  217. Federal Election ~ Who Are The Underdogs
  218. KC - From Ch10 program State Focus
  219. Anglers fear exclusion from popular fishing spots
  220. ALP fishing policy
  221. All The Best To ALL The Candidates.
  222. Jellyfish attack-Ireland
  223. Just to prove a point
  224. Moreton Bay segment on today's "Escape with ET"
  225. Moreton Bay Green Zones released next week!
  226. Booth workers how did you go today??
  227. Kc's Predictions
  228. Labor wins
  229. oops!!
  230. Senate
  231. congratulations to those who had a go
  232. Fascinating...
  233. MBAA Releases our Solution to the rezoning of Moreton Bay
  234. Your Thoughts For The Future
  235. Save Moreton Bay: A Response
  236. Fraser Island Beach To Remain Open Until Next September
  237. Greens Claim To Be Number Three In The Country
  238. Election Fallout ~ Have Your Say
  239. Daylight Savings Round II
  240. AFLP ~ New Name/Slogan ~ Is it needed
  241. My take
  242. Moreton Bay - Our Future
  243. Moreton Bay needs help
  244. QLD Gov't at it again.
  245. Moreton Bay Boat Rally
  246. EPA releases it's draft plan for Moreton Bay - Available Online Now
  247. Closing upto 50 percent of the bay to commercial fishing
  248. Media Statement ~ Moreton Bay ~ Bligh & McNamara
  249. Take 2
  250. Amateur angler news letter idea.