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  1. Double trouble, Long Tail and a GT
  2. Life in Great Sandy National Park
  3. Reds and Nannygai underwater in 70m of water - Cairns
  4. Monster Alligator Gar From Hobie Outback
  5. Mangrove Jack
  6. Underwater in Moreton Bay
  7. Testing the new Soft Plastics rod
  8. 50ft deep in Moreton Bay
  9. Kevin Clark - Nature's gentleman
  10. jack and jungle perch feeding underwater
  11. Jigging with the Champion Boys, Joe, Dave and Snorkel
  12. Marlin Footage
  13. Bassin at our local dam
  14. Life under Woody Point Jetty
  15. Moreton Bay marine turtle underwater footage
  16. Fly Fishing FNQ
  17. Bonefish
  18. Big Fish Action in Moreton Bay 2
  19. Big Fish Action in Moreton Bay 3
  20. Bundaberg Barra
  21. Fishing The Bundy Coast 2015- Turrum-Goldens-Huge Spanish-Snapper-Queenfish
  22. Big Fish Action in Moreton Bay 5
  23. Low cost wind on leader!
  24. AJ action this time last year!
  25. Inspirational kayak fishing vid
  26. Nick Prepareing A Boneless Skinless Flathead Fillet In Less Than 2 Minutes
  27. How Australia Impounded and stopped the World's Second-Largest Fishing Trawler
  28. Squid video
  29. Flying Spanish Mackerel
  30. Yeppoon tight lines
  31. Thats a river monster || giant alligator gar
  32. Underwater video - Squid attacking jig
  33. Curtin Reef video - underwater in Moreton Bay
  34. A couple of friends drop in for a visit ...
  35. Golden Trevally
  36. Torres Strait Fishing & Living
  37. Sharks take sail
  38. Brisbane Light Tackle - The wind beat us!
  39. World Record Yellowfin Tuna Off The Rocks Taken On Spin Tackle Last Month
  40. wreck off noosa
  41. Some new videos
  42. Cape York Overnighter
  43. Fishing the wild
  44. Flying fish hunt video.
  45. Videos of Life in Tasmanian Freshwater creeks and rivers
  46. DVD Trailer 'A Wild North QLD Adventure'
  47. Underwater Footage of School Mackerel in Moreton Bay
  48. Some underwater footage of freshwater creeks
  49. Homemade Lures (stainless steel butter knives)
  50. Footage of Eel chasing bait
  51. Mangrove Jack on Floats - Lutjanus argentimaculatus
  52. Some of the incredible fish at Seaworld
  53. A trip out to north west island with the boys
  54. Murray Cod Surface Action!!!
  55. Stingray underwater in Moreton Bay
  56. Nth west again
  57. Bill Turner Artificial Reef
  58. Best of Viking 2013-2016.... Sold
  59. Underwater in Moreton Bay - Tangalooma Seagrass and Wrecks
  60. Underwater in Moreton Bay - 30ft down in Northern Bay
  61. Hundreds of Catfish on Moreton Island Beach
  62. Footage from around Bulwer ledge
  63. Latest offshore video
  64. Big fish action in Moreton Bay 6 - Tangalooma Kings
  65. Snorkelling the Tweed river
  66. Under Bribie Bridge
  67. Hervey Bay
  68. Life in The South Pine River
  69. Big Fish Action in Moreton Bay 7 - Tangalooma Wrecks Yellowtail Kingfish
  70. 1770 And Hervey Bay September
  71. Underwater with Mangrove Jack
  72. Life in Baffle Creek
  73. Australian Native Fish - Wild Lungfish Neoceratodus forsteri
  74. Huge Queensland Groper at Urangan Pier Hervey Bay
  75. Currumbin Ck
  76. Nerang River Freshwater
  77. Catching Tilapia in North Brisbane
  78. Catching Tilapia at Mungarra Reserve Petrie North Brisbane 2
  79. Underwater in Moreton Bay - Tangalooma Seagrass beds
  80. Exploring tight saltwater creeks fro a great result
  81. Hinze dam bass fishing post cyclone Debbie
  82. Huge Bream in Currumbin Creek
  83. Underwater in Moreton Bay - Unknown structure west of Tangalooma
  84. Catching Sea Garfish on Woody Point Jetty
  85. Fishing off Urangan Pier Hervey Bay with Underwater Footage
  86. Underwater in Moreton Bay - Shornecliffe Pier
  87. Underwater in Moreton Bay - Curtin Artificial REeef
  88. Curtin Artificial Reef Kingfish eating live bait footage
  89. Curtin Artificial Reef Kingfish eating live bait footage No.2
  90. Underwater in Moreton Bay - 30 ft down
  91. 200m drop out of Caloundra
  92. Tilapia in Nest 360 Camera Footage
  93. Due for a new motor?
  94. Trolling Cape Moreton then bar cod 27.12.2017
  95. Under the jetty in 360 degree view
  96. above and below Tangalooma Wrecks Moreton Island
  97. interesting life at Tangalooma
  98. Toga .... Barra.... Crocs!
  99. South Coast Marlin
  100. Eco Park Fishing Compilation; Sooty Grunter, Barcoo Grunter, Eel Tailed Catfish
  101. Multi Species Estuary Night Fishing
  102. Fishing Competition Vlog ~ Most Species Wins