Design your own vinyl stickers
For your boat names and decals, car decals, truck decals, slogans, window signage, wall advertising, just about anywhere.

Our vinyl decal stickers are computer cut vinyl lettering cut from vinyl guaranteed for 7 years of outdoor use and are salt water & petrochemical resistant. So they are ideal for marine and automotive use.

As the stickers are die cut vinyl you only see the text, not a rectangular block sticker.

We have 16 vinyl colours and over 500 fonts to choose from, so you can design your own vinyl sticker for boats, cars, trucks or just about anywhere.

Order by 2:00pm and your order will be despatched via Express Post the next business day.

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Sticker application instructions

Boat registration stickers
Video application instructions available here


Design Centre

Enter the text you wish to appear as your sticker. Example - Boat Name, Boat Registration Numbers, Slogan, Business Name, etc.

Enter your text and then hit Tab on your keyboard. The system will then load your text in the preview window.


Select a Vinyl Colour and Font
Vinyl color:
See your text in all available fonts at once This will display in a popup window
Below in the preview window is the sticker you designed. If you like what you see go to Step 3 and specify a size. If you don't like it you can continue to tweak it until you do! Once you are happy with it go to Step 3.

Show background colour as: (This is not part of the sticker)

The background is not part of the sticker, it is simply for you to see what your sticker would look like on different backgrounds, car, boat, etc..
As the stickers are computer cut out of vinyl you only see the text, not a rectangular block sticker.

If you are happy with what you see specify a sticker size below.The sticker will be EXACTLY the size you specify in the Height and Width boxes below. The preview size will not change, just the Height & Width measurements in the boxes below.


Enter a Height or Width and click on Refresh, the system will calculate the other measurement based on your design selections.

Millimeters High x Millimeters Wide.

Measurements reflect the overall size, from the top of the tallest letter to the bottom of the lowest letter, in millimeters!


Select a quantity and click the Refresh button below to calculate the cost based on the quantity, size, and color of your design!

Quantity = $

Price is worked out on size and quantity. If you require a large number of the same sticker/s please feel free to E-mail for a quote.

Convert millimeters to inches - Enter number of millimeters: = Inches

Convert inches to millimeters - Enter number of inches: = Millimeters

Additional fonts & designs

There are over 500 fonts to choose from, but if you have a particular font that you want used we can most likely help out as we have over 5000 here to pick from. All you need to do is E-mail a good quality scan of the printed font (one or two words, Upper and lower case) and I can see if I have the font here. If I have it here it can then be loaded into the design system for you to design your sticker.

Other designs are also available such as curved text, text with a different colour outline, etc. Just use the design center to work out what font and size you require and then E-mail the details along with the additional requirements and I will get back to you with a quote. Home Page